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Teacher Registration

Sound Infusion teacher registration is open to all teachers, educators, music and youth coordinators, for primary, secondary or tertiary use. If you wish to use Sound Infusion for your class, we encourage you to register here.

Please fill out all fields on this form to register on the Sound Infusion website as a teacher. All fields on this page are required for registration and will be used to validate your role as a Sound Infusion student administrator.

When you are registered as a teacher, you can create a Class Project/Assignment for the students that you register. You can even create several projects and register several classes of students, so there is no need to register again if you want to use the Sound Infusion application for your different classes or in different institutions or schools.

Important: Please ensure that you have read the Sound Infusion Terms of Use and other information explained on the Information for Teachers page before registering.

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