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About Sound Infusion

Sound Infusion is an online platform that enables students to create original music compositions using digital samples of instruments from around the world. It encourages inquiry-based learning that recognises the importance of nurturing student initiative.

The inherent intersectionality of music with the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as with the General Capabilities of Intercultural Understanding, Critical and Creative Thinking and ICT Capability allows students to explore a range of curriculum priorities that can be folded into integrated learning activities.

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Main features


Our database have music samples of 75 different countries/cultures

Unlimited Tracks

You can mix using an unlimited number of tracks

Real Instruments

We have more than 5000 samples and more than 120 instruments

Speed Up

Different BPMs from 70bpm to 110bpm for each project

Export and Share

Export your project into MP3 and share it with friends

Lesson Plans

Teachers class lesson plans based on the Australian Curriculum (ACARA)

Cultural Notes

Information about each country and its culture

Instruments Facts

Information about traditional instruments from around the globe

Sound Infusion for schools

Sound Infusion supports the Australian Curriculum and encourages engaging, student-led digital learning. We have lesson plans for primary and secondary schools, up to year 8.

All students can engage in a fun and creative activity as they investigate areas such as geography, history, social sciences and music by mixing, harmonising and downloading their own music with a cultural flavour. Sound Infusion is a dynamic and exciting tool designed to enhance ACARA learning outcomes, cultural appreciation, respect and wellbeing.


Examples made by students



Unpacking Sound Infusion
As part of our partnership with Music: Count Us In, we’ve created this special version of the Sound Infusion app to allow students to create their own, globally-inspired rendition of the MCUI program song ‘We Are’.
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Dr John Garzoli

Dr John Garzoli

PhD (Ethnomusicology, Monash University)
Dr John is a recipient of the Prime Minister's Asia Endeavour Award, the Endeavour Postdoctoral Fellowship, the 2016 DFAT (ATI) Artist in Residence, Post-graduate publications award from Monash University and an ENIT's research scholarship from Chulalongkorn University.
Dr John Garzoli

Rezza Moieni

MA (Information Security, Universiti Technologi Malaysia)
Rezza specializes in a wide range of audio/video/IT topics with a focus on AV archives, studio systems and workflow, file-based broadcasting, media monitoring, digital workflow, IPTV, encoders/ decoders / Ingest, digital compression systems, information security, and encryption in both public and private sectors.

Sound Infusion is a part of Learning Lands, a suite of applications with award winning teacher resources for intercultural understanding: Joko’s World, Mungo Explorer, Indigenous Infusion, Ancestry Atlas, and Intercultural Citizenship Ambassador Program (ICAP). 

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