About Sound Infusion

Sound Infusion is an interactive music program that enables users to create their own music by combining the sounds of instruments from a range of cultures around the world.

The library of 4000 sound files from various non-Western musical traditions allows users to create their own uniquely textured musical compositions.

These instruments are directly imported from the menu into the play field through the simple drag and drop function. Once in the play field, they can be heard in combination, edited to form a complete piece and then saved.

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Main Features

50 countries

Our database have music samples of 50 different countries/cultures

Unlimited tracks

You can mix using an unlimited number of tracks

Real instruments

We have more than 4000 samples and more than 70 instruments

Export and Share

Export your project into MP3 and share it with friends

Speed up

Different BPMs from 70bpm to 110bpm for each project

Full control

Add\remove\solo\mute\pan to tracks and also it has gain control

Examples made by students


Start creating your world music today!