Competition Guidelines

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for your students to participate in a nationwide music competition judged by music superstar John Foreman, with some cool prizes up for grabs!

Submissions now open until 9 November 2019.

How to enter

Using the MCUI promotional version of Sound Infusion, create your own version of the Music: Count Us In program song 'We Are' for the chance to win this nationwide competition.

The submission function is built right into the Sound Infusion app. Teachers can use the SAVED PROJECTS function to browse their students’ projects, and then use the NOMINATE function to select up to 3 of their favourite student compositions.

You can change which projects are nominated as many times as you like before the competition end date. The final nominated projects will be automatically submitted on 9 November, 2019.

Results will be announced by the end of the year.


Judging criteria

Judging criteria is based on personal assessment by judges. You will need to use the MCUI version of Sound Infusion to make a nice-sounding arrangement that reflects the original We Are composition, but otherwise, there are no formal guidelines. Judges however will heavily favour entries that satisfy as much of the following criteria as possible:

  • Diversity of instruments used (aim for at least 4 countries)
  • Dramatic narrative of the composition
  • The overall consonance of final composition
  • Originality of arrangement

Conditions of entry

Who can take part?

  • Competition is open to students only. All schools and year levels invited to participate!
  • Maximum one entry per student
  • Max three entries can be submitted per class (i.e. per teacher account)
  • Teachers must be registered with Music: Count Us In.

Other terms & conditions

  • Winning entrants must consent to school name, student first name, and final composition to be published through Music: Count Us In and Cultural Infusion’s respective media channels. If advance permission is required for these details to be released, teachers must ensure this is organised before finalising their nomination.
  • Decisions of competition judges are final.
  • Entrants must abide by copyright laws. If publishing final compositions externally, full credit and acknowledgement must be given to both Music: Count Us In (composition) and Sound Infusion (instrumentation & software)
  • Please be aware that Cultural Infusion incursions are available Australia-wide with the exception of Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

The judges