“Music is an international language….an all-inclusive dialect that anyone can speak.”

Many studies have attested to the powerful role of music in early cognitive & social development, and its ability to reach children with learning disabilities.

With Sound Infusion we have joined efforts to make music education more culturally inclusive, by providing extensive representation of music traditions & instruments from all around the world.

That’s why we are proud to have joined forces with Music: Count Us In, Australia’s largest school initiative for music education, to offer Australian schools complimentary access to this special version of our app between September 11th and October 25th 2019.

Students will also have an opportunity to participate in a nationwide competition judged by MCUI ambassador and music superstar John Foreman, OAM. We’re excited to see what people can create!

Register for Music: Count Us In for more information, or email us with your questions at

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Check out some examples of what you can make with this special version of Sound Infusion:

Chinese-inspired elegance

Rhythms of West Africa

We are Ethnic

Composition: 'We Are' (MCUI program song); orchestration by Christos Giannoulis